Discover Finnish design in virtual reality

We’re always looking for new ways to advocate Finnish design. We want to bring Finnish designer objects into your home, wherever that may be. We also wish to take brands that have been awarded with the Design from Finland mark to every nook and cranny of the world with us. The virtual reality showroom for Finnish design, KOTI (“home” in Finnish), was born out of this desire.

We launched KOTI in September 2017. At first, it was actually a physical collection of Finnish design items, showcased in Finland’s most notable interior design event, Habitare. We received tons of requests to bring the KOTI ensemble abroad to different events, but it turned out to be too difficult logistically.

Together with our partner, Stereoscape, we came up with the idea of using virtual reality to spread the joy of Finnish design. It felt very logical to build the virtual showroom around the concept of a Finnish home, since most of our member companies offer services or products to homes.

VR KOTI is a unique design experience. With VR glasses, you can walk around the two floors of the house, pick up the furniture, toys, and art pieces in the rooms. The house itself is designed by a Finnish house building company.

Virtual reality is the next step of design

We think that virtual reality holds tremendous potential for the design industry. During the next years, VR technology will become more and more common. Shopping and enjoying design is bound to change as well. But although many people are already users of AR or VR games, showrooms like VR KOTI are still rare. We want to offer our members the unique possibility to be part of this pioneer project as well as open the door of a Finnish design home to every design fan across the globe. Read more

Take a sneak peek:

On desktop, move around the 360 degree video by clicking and holding your button down. Move around by moving your mouse.

Download VR HOME

Want to become a part of VR KOTI?

We started the project with approximately ten companies, who offered the 3D models of their products to be placed inside the home.

Now we’re looking for new companies to enter our VR Home.

If you’d like your design to be showcased globally inside our VR Home or would like more information on how to create a 3D model of your product, please contact us for more information.

VR KOTI members

By Johanna Lehtinen
Everyday Design
Jämerä Kivitalot
Kaluste-Trading / Charmia
Kultasepänliike Esko Lindroos
MyKolme / Iloa
Pihlgren ja Ritola Tapettitehdas
Plasthill / Kupilka
Salli Systems
Vakiometalli Oy/Polaria