Supporting unique designers in creating sustainable solutions


We believe that Finnish designers are in a key position to make design, whether it’s interior, architecture or a service, more sustainable.

The bond between Finnish nature and designers is strong. It’s no wonder that Finnish designers want to commit to changes that help protect the ecological richness of our planet.

We also want to help consumers make better choices by demanding all Design from Finland companies to be transparent about the origins of their products and their lifecycle.

What we are doing

For us, sustainability must be defined using the same criteria we use when deciding whether a brand or a product can be awarded with the Design from Finland label.

In 2020, we added another criterion:

“Transparency and accountability throughout the whole manufacturing cycle: The company behind the product or service publicly and openly communicates their manufacturing process and structure, including whether the product or service is made in Finland or abroad.”
You can read all the criteria here 

The main reason we exist in the first place is to promote Finnish design globally. And when doing so, the quality, usability and sustainability of our products are our top priorities. In addition, we want to promise consumers that we make sustainable shopping easier.

What we promise

When you see the Design from Finland label anywhere, on a website or on a product, you know that:

1. The designer prioritizes the long lifecycle of their product or service. We believe that great design includes the designer thinking about the durability of their materials.

We need to do more with less. This is why we believe in quality and unique design that will last from generation to generation.

2. Every DFF company is transparent and accountable regarding the manufacturing process of their product or service.

Just ask any of our member companies; they’ll be more than happy to share their product’s country of manufacture.

Our promise is to make sustainable shopping and lifestyle easy.

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"Our promise is to make sustainable shopping and lifestyle easy."

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