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Read design stories, let Finnish nature inspire you and get to know the amazing Finnish designers and design companies awarded with the Design from Finland mark.

Design delegate: "Finnish design is unique because of our nature"

Calm and quiet evergreen forests, the rugged archipelago, thousands of shimmering lakes and majestic snowy fells. It’s no wonder Finland and its nature keep inspiring Finnish designers. But how far back does this historical influence go?
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When you bring together the art of fine leather, unique techniques and skilled artisans, what do you get? Something that fits like a glove. Sauso is a 90-year-old Finnish premium glove brand. Buy your gloves to love at:

Fat Pipe

Rain or shine, blizzard or sleet – the Finnish weather is always perfect for floorball. Fat Pipe floorball sticks and blades are designed and manufactured right in Finland’s capital, Helsinki. Take a look at all the gear and get floorballing at:


Module is the success enabler of modern work environment. By combining decades of experience in high-quality engineering, implementing work environments and Finnish design, Module creates spaces for hard work, collaboration and tranquillity. Read more at:


Profin combines modern design to traditional craftmanship. Finnish wood and the Japanese Masame cutting technique come together in their high-quality glass sliding doors, windows and floors. Experience wood like never before at:
Profin 2

About Design from Finland

Finnish nature and Finnish design are inseparable. The extremes of our nature – from the nightless nights of summer to the polar nights of winter – affect everything we do and design. We grant the Design from Finland mark to Finnish design that elevates and surprises, but more importantly, feels like it’s designed for you.
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