Joy of Christmas

Read design stories, let Finnish nature inspire you and get to know the amazing Finnish designers and design companies awarded with the Design from Finland mark.

Christmas in Finland

Christmas is a big deal in Finland. Even though some people don't enjoy all the fuss before it, hardly anyone protests the peace and quiet that come with Christmas. Read more about the various traditions different parts of Finland have for Yuletide.
Christmas in Finland


All you Dashers and Vixens – achieve the perfect holiday look with Cailap’s beauty products. Find your new beauty essentials at:


Who said practical can’t be joyful? Foodduck is a hygienic and environmentally friendly automatic spread dispenser for serving butter and other spreads. This Finnish duck spreads joy for kids and adults alike. Waddle to:


What’s better than enjoying Christmas at home with your Muurla favorites? Muurla products also make amazing presents. Shop at:

Globe Hope

All I want for Christmas is green design. Globe Hope makes jewelry, bags and much more from recycled materials. Buy ecological Finnish presents from:

About Design from Finland

Finnish nature and Finnish design are inseparable. The extremes of our nature – from the nightless nights of summer to the polar nights of winter – affect everything we do and design. We grant the Design from Finland mark to Finnish design that elevates and surprises, but more importantly, feels like it’s designed for you.
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