Cold & Bold

The long Finnish winters and their relentless darkness can feel overwhelming. Instead of letting that defeat us Finns, we hold our heads up high. We keep creating, innovating and loving our magical nature. We might feel the cold, but our design is always bold. These four companies encompass this daring Finnish mentality.

Cold climate and daring designers lead to bold design

Is Finnish design all harmony and balance or is there more to it? Read how Tero Kuitunen challenges stereotypes and describes the new wave of Finnish designers.
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When it comes to the bedroom, most Finns love clean natural colors, reminiscent of the elements seen in nature. Make your bedroom the heart of your home at:


There is no one type of Finnish woman, we’re happy to be strong and unique. Delicate jewelry lets your uniqueness shine even on the greyest of days. Find your new favorite gold and silver jewelry from:


Hamari’s auditorium furniture are a perfect example of design that makes your life easier without making a big fuss about it. The aesthetic is restrained and clean-lined and it’s all about the user. Find out how Hamari solves seating challenges for complex venues:


Finom’s design lamps delight with their look. They perfectly represent the essence of bold and cool Finnish design: their form is clean, and they let the bold natural materials shine through. Light up your life at:

About Design from Finland

Finnish nature and Finnish design are inseparable. The extremes of our nature – from the nightless nights of summer to the polar nights of winter – affect everything we do and design. We grant the Design from Finland mark to Finnish design that elevates and surprises, but more importantly, feels like it’s designed for you.
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