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Read design stories, let Finnish nature inspire you and get to know the amazing Finnish designers and design companies awarded with the Design from Finland mark.

The ingredients of Finnish elegance

Finland’s location between Russia and Sweden has resulted in a unique sense of elegance. Read more about what influences Finnish designers to create work that makes a difference in people’s lives.
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Grado Design

Stairs might seem like a minor detail but Grado shows how they can be the stunning centerpiece of your apartment. Take a step towards elegance at:


Did you know that Lumoava means ‘enchanting’ in Finnish? These gold and silver designer pieces are truly worthy of the name. Carry a piece of Finland with you:

Polar Life Haus

Polar Life Haus offers premium wooden homes and log houses for those who want to surround themselves with pure materials straight from Finnish forests. This beauty was designed by Janne Kantee. Find out more at:


This family-owned Finnish business wants you to feel gorgeous in your own skin. Take your beauty routines to the next level with Cailap’s brushes and beauty products. Shop at:

About Design from Finland

Finnish nature and Finnish design are inseparable. The extremes of our nature – from the nightless nights of summer to the polar nights of winter – affect everything we do and design. We grant the Design from Finland mark to Finnish design that elevates and surprises, but more importantly, feels like it’s designed for you.
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