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The Rapid Rise of (Digital) Service Design

Great design isn't always something physical. The role of service design in building new products and services can cover everything from research to user experience design to technology choices. Read about the status of service design in Finland.
The Rapid Rise of (Digital) Service Design

Whim App

Whim is the world’s first Mobility as a Service solution. The app leads the way towards a smarter and more sustainable life without car ownership. Whim brings all means of transportation into a single service and monthly subscription. Read more at:


Profin combines modern design to traditional craftsmanship. Finnish wood and the Japanese Masame cutting technique come together in their high-quality glass sliding doors, windows and doors. Experience wood like never before at:


Reveal your internal sea siren with Cailap’s jewelry, beauty and hair products. Tame those wavy locks and find your new favorites at:


Autumn’s gloomy evenings are here. But fear not – Innolux lights the world with unique and timeless lighting design. Buy Innolux lamps from retailers across 20 countries or online at:

About Design from Finland

Finnish nature and Finnish design are inseparable. The extremes of our nature – from the nightless nights of summer to the polar nights of winter – affect everything we do and design. We grant the Design from Finland mark to Finnish design that elevates and surprises, but more importantly, feels like it’s designed for you.
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