Cold climate and daring designers lead to bold design

The long Finnish winters and their relentless darkness can feel overwhelming. Instead of letting that defeat us Finns, we hold our heads up high. We keep creating, innovating and loving our magical nature. Read more about the Cold & Bold Finnish design in this article and see what designer Tero Kuitunen has to say about it.

We might feel the cold, but our design is always bold

Us Finns are a bit crazy. Instead of locking ourselves indoors during the long winters and hibernating until spring, we push ourselves out the door every day. Drizzle, slush or snow, we walk through it. Even when you can’t tell day from night, we do not fold.

“Without a doubt the cold and dark Finnish winters put us Finns in a bit of a battle mode. But this gives us strength and willpower. If we can get through the darkness of the Finnish winter, we can get through anything,” says designer and creator Tero Kuitunen.

This spirit and love for nature has everything to do with what we design. The cold climate pushes us Finns to be unapologetically who we are and make bold choices.

According to Kuitunen, “Us Finns have our quirks and we are proud of them. That is Finnish courage and boldness in a nutshell: We dare to be exactly who we are, and proud of it, without paying too much attention to other people’s opinions.”

Much more than neutral colors

Finnish design is often thought to be harmonious and even somewhat plain with balanced pastel colors. While harmony and calmness are undoubtedly present in great Finnish design, there is much more to explore.

“Often when people speak of Finnish design, they think of harmony and neutral colors. Finnish design is much more than that,” Tero says. “It’s bold design that uses bright colors and experiments audaciously. We might seem calm and shy, but underneath we are courageous people who walk our own path – in life and in design.”

FINOM / Esa Vesmanen

Fighting clutter with bold choices

Sustainability is an integral part of today’s design. Finnish love of nature expands centuries and has always affected what we design. That being said, today’s world presents unseen challenges for finding sustainable solutions. Finnish designers are not only aware of this but drive the change towards sustainable design with bold choices and new material innovations.

“The new generation of Finnish designers create things in a world where we have too much clutter. Designers take into consideration ecological and ethical aspects and make bold design choices and experiment. I believe these values will be the guiding light of Finnish design in the future,” Kuitunen concludes.

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About Tero Kuitunen

Tero Kuitunen is a Finnish designer who works with product, concept and spatial design. Bold materials and colors inspire him, and he always strives to create something that moves people. Read more at