Design Deed 2019 award to Woodio Oy

Design from Finland recognized Woodio Oy with the Design Deed award at the 2019 Habitare convention.

Woodio is an innovative and design-oriented Finnish material technology company that makes beautiful designs for unique bathrooms. Woodio’s proprietary material is the world’s first 100% waterproof wood composite that consists of real wood chips.

The jury praised Woodio for its world-class brand that brings an innovative, distinctive and unique twist to a traditional everyday product.

”Woodio is a perfect example of an innovation turned into a succesful business with excellent design and sustainable solutions,” member of the jury, CEO of Design Forum Finland Petteri Kolinen says.

Inside design innovation beats a green heart

The jury of Design Deed chose the winner based on uniqueness, sustainability and beautiful design as a part of everyday life.

Woodio’s products are an exquisite combination of technological innovation, Scandinavian design, high quality and sustainability. All Woodio products have remarkably smaller carbon footprint than traditional ceramic bathroom products. For example, CO2 emissions per unit are 55 kilograms lower than with ceramics. All Woodio products are also disposable as energy waste. This means that they can be used as energy at the end of their lifecycle.

Woodio was thrilled when they heard the good news. ”It feels amazing. Last year’s Habitare was our first and now we’ve received this amazing prize! The whole team is on cloud nine, I don’t know what else to say!” tells Woodio’s CEO and Founder Petro Lahtinen.

Traditional wood industry technology meets modern design

At Woodio, the traditional Finnish wood industry meets innovation and new business. Wood – a plentiful resource and common material in Finland – has never been used quite like this before.

Woodio is built on the old wood industry heritage and constant curiosity of doing more with what we already have. Therefore, it is only natural that all Woodio products are designed and produced in Finland. The core material is locally sourced aspen.

In addition to the Design from Finland mark, the Association for Finnish Work has awarded Woodio products with the Key Flag (Avainlippu) symbol in recognition of products made in Finland.

Mervi Laakso, Woodio’s Brand Manager expresses her gratitude to the team: “We have an incredible team. We have worked very hard, and our year and work really culminate in this amazing award.”