Archipelago-inspired Design for the Summer

Finland is best-known for Lapland’s impressive scenery and Helsinki’s city pulse, but one of the most beautiful Finnish places is its “saaristo”, the unique cluster of islands, which is also world’s largest archipelago where cliffs glow in the shades of ochre and pearly grey, inviting visitors to take a stroll.

The natural forms found in the archipelago have always inspired Finnish artists. One of Finland’s most famous writers, Tove Jansson spent most of her summers on her own island, Klovaharun in the Porvoo Archipelago. Her most famous characters, Moomins, spend their lives in archipelago and one of the Moomin books, Moominpappa at Sea, takes place on a remote lighthouse island.

Sea waves, winds, and cliffs keep fascinating designers and their influence can be found in surprising places. These gorgeous Pupulu glass mugs by Kolme Design get their colors from the everlasting rocks found on the shores. Island cliffs glow in the shades of ochre and pearly grey, inviting visitors to take a stroll.

Something fishy going on here…

Before modern technology, the island’s inhabitants lived off herring, since they were easy to catch in large quantities and keep during winter times when food was sparse. These days fly-fishing, fishing with nets, and reel fishing are popular ways to spend time in the archipelago. If you want to bring your host a unique souvenir that reminds them of fisherman’s life, Galateia’s fish skin products are the way to go. Fish skin is an ecological and enduring material, which gives Galateia’s products a rough outdoorsy feeling.

Stop the howling wind

Even though summer is the most beautiful time in Finland, life in the archipelago is not all fun and games. If you plan to travel to the archipelago, you’ll need layers of clothes. These Sasta jackets keep you warm, yet look sleek. They are offered for all genders, in different colors and models.

Rubber boots are a must at the archipelago, but Nokia’s Hai boots can be spotted worn by trendy youngsters in big Finnish cities too. Designed already in 1967, this rubber boot model is a true classic.

 Stripes ahoy!

Yes, sailor fashion is a phenomenon that repeats itself every single spring. However, did you know that a simple striped shirt is one of the most iconic clothing designs in Finland? We’re of course talking about Marimekko’s Mari-shirt. Almost every Finn has at least one picture of their parents wearing this shirt. The cute thing is that you can buy the same shirt for a kid-parent-duo.

The Finnish clothing company Nanso also offers a cute fresh version of the stripe trend with their striped dress.

Midsummer beauties

The archipelago is at its best during Finnish Midsummer, “juhannus”. Midsummer is celebrated with sitting by the bonfire, eating herring foods, and dancing around the birch-branch-decorated midsummer pole. And what’s more summer-y than clothes made of linen? Frenn offers classic light summer shirts and trousers, suitable for both Midsummer parties and city vacations.

Finnish Archipelago, its shapes, and atmosphere inspire Finnish Design