Tracking the Future – Finnish Tracker Companies Create Peace of Mind to Users around the World

Tracking the Future – Finnish Tracker Companies Create Peace of Mind to Users around the World

Tracking devices bring futuristic technology to the everyday lives of thousands of people. The beautifully designed and easy-to-use trackers from companies like Yepzon, b-bark, Reima and Haltian make sure your loved ones stay unharmed and healthy, no matter where you are.

It’s no wonder users all around the world are turning to Finnish tracking technology to keep their families, pets, and property safe. Trackers are incredibly easy and safe to use: basically you just pair the tracker with a smartphone and attach the tracker on anything you’d like to track. It is the usability and design of Finnish trackers that makes them a popular choice for users globally.

User first

One particular story makes Yepzon’s CEO Otto Linna especially proud: “One of our users who loves to share her experiences with our trackers lives in California. She’s a mom of five and has three children with autism. All of her children wear our trackers and she feels that in their world where control is a necessity, Yepzon helps in making her everyday routine more calm and secure.”

Tracker users are, all in all, a colorful bunch. Some use them to keep track of their boats and cars in case they got stolen, some attach them to pets and horses, and some keep the youngest and oldest members of their family safe with them.

And if your loved ones run into trouble, getting in touch with them is crucial. That’s why Haltian’s Snowfox also doubles as a phone: You can use the app to call your loved one, for example to give them directions if they have gotten lost. They can also contact you with only the touch of a button, which makes the device a fantastic companion for children too young to carry a cell phone of their own.

Many users rely on trackers to keep man’s best friend safe. b-bark is a GPS tracking collar designed to help hunters keep an eye on the whereabouts of their hunting dogs, but the device suits all pooches with an active outdoor lifestyle.

Trackers bring forth calmness

Customer input and product testing are key elements when companies develop their trackers and mobile applications. In Yepzon, improving and developing never stops: “Even after all the rigorous product testing, our actual customers are the most vital group from whom we get the best (and the toughest) feedback”, whereas b-bark’s canine trackers go through one the roughest testing environments of them all: The Nordic outdoors. Thorough testing in this quickly changing climate ensures the device’s durability and functionality even under extreme conditions.

Of course, ensuring the safety of your loved ones isn’t just about making sure they stay on the right path. According to WHO, most children aren’t getting enough exercise – a cause of worry for many parents. Finnish clothing company Reima’s answer to the problem is to gamify physical activity with the help of a movement-tracking sensor and a fun app.

The sensor, created in collaboration with famed sports watch maker Suunto, records the intensity and duration of the child’s movements – not calories or steps. When connected to a smartphone, the amount of physical activity adds up towards a goal and allow your child to progress through quirky and fun virtual worlds while collecting rewards.

Simple functionality

Even though trackers involve highly advanced technology, you wouldn’t believe it at the first sight of the products.

For example, Yepzon’s tracker looks a bit like a luxury key, evoking ideas of quality and security, but most importantly it’s easy to use for everyone – it takes 30 seconds to start using it, one minute to pair it with other machines. In case of an emergency, there’s only one button to press, and that’s it. Snowfox Trackerphone on the other hand was designed with the little ones in mind: The matchbox-sized tracker comes in two bright colors – pink and blue – that are sure to delight kids of all ages. ReimaGo’s flat black sensor has been eliminated from all extra buttons and knick-knacks. The end result is stylishly simple.

Many tracker companies start their design process with the usability and appearance in mind. “First we here at Yepzon thought about the design, and only afterwards about how on earth we could stuff all the technology inside,” Otto Linna laughs. B-bark’s design makes your canine friend look stylish, but it also contains tech designed by the leading experts in tracking technology and dogs. In order to ensure easy usability Reima decided to create a dedicated line of clothing designed specifically with their tracker in mind: All the items in the ReimaGO line feature pockets where the device stays in place through the day.

Trackers evolve in sync with other technological leaps. Kinetic energy, longer battery durability, and smaller microchip sizes might be the next logical building parts of trackers. One thing is for sure though, they keep making the lives of people, including parents, children, and pet owners, more secure. “I know we cannot cure autism or solve other problems that people face. But what we can do is bring peace of mind to our users.”