Liven up your Kitchen with These Unique Finnish Design Items

Liven up your Kitchen with These Unique Finnish Design Items

As the old adage goes, the kitchen is the heart of a home. This rings true today, too, as social cooking is on the rise and food has become an even more popular way to spend time with the family and friends. We rounded up some delightful items from Finnish designers to liven up your kitchen.

Out of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen should be the most functional. The hustle and bustle of making breakfast, lunch or dinner, complete with friends, kids and hungry pets, calls for a well-organized space, not to mention the right tools for the job. What’s more, the rise of cooking as the ultimate social event has helped redefine the kitchen as a space not only for cooking, but chatting with friends while preparing food. For anyone who enjoys time spent preparing food, now is a better time than ever to rethink the kitchen.

Furnish for Function

Topi-Keittiöt offer their take on the breakfast cabinet, that wonderful invention that works wonders to keep the kitchen uncluttered. The idea is that you can have everything necessary for breakfast in one, neatly organized space. After preparing breakfast, you can simply close the cabinet and take care of the mess later. Genius!

Topi-Keittiöt offer a customizable layout for the cabinet, and it comes in a multitude of different finishes. The look is very sleek and minimal, while still offering much functionality.

The ingenious Tregren Genie kitchen garden provides gardening enthusiasts with fresh herbs all year round. The Genie features Active Growing Technology and comes with an optional growing light for even faster crops. The product, designed by emerging industrial designer Sebastian Jansson, looks great on your kitchen counter and incorporates innovative technology and sustainable materials for a low carbon footprint.

You’d better plan for some open shelves, because we also feature pieces of tableware which will make you want to give them the place of honor in your kitchen.

Dashing Dishes

The Finnish kitchen as a space is often a mixture of old and new, and this shows in the designs, too. The past is often regurgitated into a decidedly sleek and contemporary form, while still paying homage to classic Finnish form and retaining the functional aspects that are a defining feature of Finnish design. Get a few key pieces for your kitchen or go all-out Finnish – both are possible with the versatile designs on show here!

Nord Design’s Babushka glass set, designed by Heikki Viinikainen, takes its inspiration from the old Slavic Babushka toys, where little wooden dolls stack inside each other in a very intriguing and recursive way. This concept translates beautifully to glasses, where the glass surfaces reflect light in a hypnotic way. The space the glasses take up while stacked is minimal, but the Babushka acts as a visual centrepiece for the kitchen. The stacked glass doll breaks down quickly to individual glasses in three sizes, six glasses altogether.

Sagalaga offers trays in many shapes and sizes. Their monochromatic designs are both visually intriguing and playful. The round Oksalla tray features three owls sitting on a branch. Others feature more abstract designs that all take their inspiration from Finnish nature, like butterflies and the aurora borealis.

Muurla is a Finnish design staple, who practically everyone remembers from summers spent at the summer cottage. Their enamel products feature designs both old and new, all fresh. Their mugs feature designs that highlight Finnish animals, and they’ve also done a collaboration with IvanaHelsinki, the design being, what else, the babushka.

Being that the kitchen has so many functions it needs to fulfil, don’t be afraid to experiment when rethinking yours. A few clever solutions can make the space much more enjoyable. Have fun, and remember to invite friends over to cook and see the new kitchen space you’ve whipped up!