Finnish design innovations for your home – and beyond

Finnish design innovations for your home – and beyond

If you think there hasn’t been a proper Finnish innovation since the sauna, think again: the tiny Nordic country is teaming with creative masterminds. We listed the latest and greatest new Finnish design innovations for your home – what’s your favorite?

ASMO charger

Finns are avid cell phone users, so it’s no wonder the homeland of Nokia has also produced a handy product for keeping both you and your phone alive. Asmo Saloranta created the ASMO charger after an overheated charger in the wall destroyed the home of his mother-in-law. Unlike other chargers, ASMO switches off automatically when it’s not in use, making it safe to leave it plugged in even when your phone is on the go with you and saving a ton of energy.

BubbleCap carbonator

Believe it or not, it gets hot in the summer in Finland, too – and what’s better in hot weather than a drink of something bubbly? This is when home carbonators come in handy, but they often take up too much space in your kitchen. The space problem inspired boat builder Janne Alasaarela to create the BubbleCap, a home carbonator 80 times smaller than the ones already in the market. The cap is attached to a regular plastic bottle filled with water – you can reuse your old bottles! – and a CO2 cartridge, and carbonates your drinks in an instant.

FOODDUCK automated dispensing solution

Finns are famous for serving free and healthy meals at their schools, and now the kids can also enjoy quick and easy spreads on their breads. The FOODDUCK is an automated spread dispenser for restaurants and service counters. It makes buttering your bread hygienic – the device never touches the bread – and environmentally friendly, as there is no need to use containers that need to be thrown out each day even if there’s product left.

Promilless alcohol test

Finns, like most Europeans, enjoy an occasional drink (check out our article on Kalsarikännit!), but they know that drinking and driving is an absolute no-no. So it makes sense that there’s a Finnish innovation for preventing DUIs: Promilless is an easy-to-use alcohol test strip that tells you if you’re fit to drive – you just put the strip on your tongue and the color of the control area indicates if there’s alcohol in your blood. The small strips are easy to carry and more affordable than a breathalyzer, so you can take the test anywhere.

Lunette menstrual cup

Disposable menstrual products generate a ton of waste – the average woman throws away 125 kilos of tampons, pads and panty liners in her lifetime. The reusable menstrual cup is a wonderful, environmentally friendly invention that has been around since the 1930s, but hasn’t really gained traction due to uncomfortable designs that don’t work for all women. Heli Kurjanen recognized the issue when she was unable to find a menstrual cup that fit her, and created Lunette, the flexible and comfortable cup for all women. Lunette has since become a worldwide phenomenon that also promotes period positivity – and saves the world one cup at a time.

Amandan cold therapy device

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Finland? Maybe it’s snow – or, let’s face it, cold weather. But as it turns out, the cold can be good for you: research shows that it can soothe pain and improve mobility. The Amandan cold therapy device was designed to harness these positive effects – the device is easy to use, attaches to the shower head and doesn’t require a power source. The device has also been clinically tested by the Finnish Rheumatism Association and Jyväskylä University’s Department of Biology of Physical Activity, so it’s proven effective.

MusiClock scale trainer

From the homeland of the famous classical composer Jean Sibelius hails the MusiClock, a scale trainer for making learning music theory more fun and easy. The product was created by 18-year-old music student Perttu Pölonen who was frustrated with the complicated way music theory was taught. When he realized that there were 12 musical notes, just like the hours in a clock, Perttu created the MusicClock that comes with multiple scale templates to make learning and creating music more fun than ever before.

So there you have it – Finland is fast becoming the country to watch for innovations in healthcare and greener, happier living. And it’s no wonder: Finland has a long history in the forefront of technology, and the rough climate also serves as a great inspiration for creative problem solving. There’s no doubt we’ll see more exciting Finnish inventions popping up in the future!