Eight Berry-picking Accessories to Make Your Outdoor Adventure a Success

Eight Berry-picking Accessories to Make Your Outdoor Adventure a Success

Kupilka’s dishes.

Finnish berry-picking, “marjastaminen” in Finnish, has become a trendy hobby during the past few years. People young and old fill their Instagram feeds with pictures of buckets filled with blueberries and lingonberries. Hardcore pickers brave thorns and swamps to find cloudberries and raspberries. The best berry spots are a well-kept secret – older generations won’t share their tips even with their families. Luckily, Finnish forests are full of ripe berries for everyone to find.

But what kind of accessories make your berry-picking trip relaxing? One needs well-made equipment that keeps you both safe and warm – and don’t forget delicious picnic sandwiches! We’ve compiled a list of the best berry-picking accessories. Many of these items are a good fit for any forest adventure, and will be right at home in an urban environment, too.

1. Stay toasty

Any successful outdoor experience starts with proper equipment. A warm yet stylish jacket will keep you safe from the weather but also transforms from forest usage to your urban needs. The Finnish company Sasta offers beautifully crafted jackets to all genders.

2. Berry-picker, the best kept secret!

The Finnish company Plastex has been active since the 1930s. Their berry-picking equipment are beautifully but first and foremost practically designed, and makes picking enjoyable. Also, check out this cool, retro-ish ad for the berry-picker from the 90s. And yes, you can actually get an an extendable shaft for your picker so you don’t have to crouch so much.

3. Keep your stuff dry and your style intact

Finn-Savotta offers both traditional and modern backpacks and rucksacks that can take even the hardest of hikes. Savotta has outdoor products varying from the backpacks to technical clothing and even sauna tents!

4. For you and your young pal

For the little berry hunters, warm and waterproof coats are a must. Reima offers both classic and original clothing design for the tiniest members of your berry-picking bunch. Stylish parent and child duos find pretty, time-enduring, and machine-washable shirts from Pokko and Marimekko.

5. Treat your canine companion

If your favorite outdoor company is on the furrier side, why not spoil them with a practical, yet pretty dog vest that keeps them warm and happy? Tonia Design and Hurtta offer dog vests suitable for all kinds of dog races.

6. Food is half the fun

Did you remember to pack a meal? When hunger strikes during your trip, you’ll need convenient utensils and dishes. The Finnish company Kupilka manufactures their products using only renewable energy sources and green energy. Enjoy your hot chocolate from Muurla’s enamel mug, and remember to get one of their cute mug lids to avoid spilling!

7. Cleaning time

A classic berry strainer will help clean out the twigs and leaves from your berries. Almost every Finn has one of these back in their summer cottages, mostly because it’s so handy and partly because it brings back memories of their grandmas sitting on the porch, cleaning out the berries.

8. Remember your trip with a sweet scent

After your berry-picking adventure, you’re left with a freezer full of delicious healthy desserts and a head full of fun memories. If you wish to bring the Finnish berry-forest experience at home with you, why not try some Finnish blueberry shampoo and cloudberry shower gel?

Finnish forests inspire designers to create beautiful and safe accessories for outdoor activities.