Designed to Be Kid-Proof! What is Finnish Children’s Clothing All About?

Designed to Be Kid-Proof! What is Finnish Children’s Clothing All About?

When today’s parents were kids themselves, beautiful children’s clothing was not easy to come by in Finland. When someone’s relative visited Stockholm, the clothes they brought as souvenirs definitely stood out in schoolyards. That’s all in the past now.

Times have changed drastically since the 1970’s or 1980’s, thanks to the rise of online stores. Parents can now order clothes from any part of the world. Why, then, does Finnish children’s clothing catch the eye of so many people in this overabundance of childrenswear?


When you touch the clothes of companies like Beibamboo, Papu, Paapero, Reima, Gugguu, and Blaa you instantly feel he snuggly softness of the fabrics they use. For instance, Beibamboo pride themselves on the fact that their clothes have as few seams as possible and no labels – nothing that would irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. Papu’s shirts, shorts, and trousers have designs that are loose and thus incredibly comfortable for kids of all ages.


Finnish childrenswear is meant for active kids: They’re designed in kids’ terms – they are easy to play and run around in. Of course, they’re adorable, but these clothes are meant for kids full of energy and life, with these clothes, kids don’t really need to behave (although it would be nice for the parents…)! They’re environmentally friendly as well: Beibamboo, Papu, Paapero, Gugguu, and Blaa all offer clothes made of organically grown cotton and Reima follows EU’s REACH-list and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® standards.


The designs endure time, even though many of Blaa’s and Paapero’s clothes have a variety of prints and Gugguu uses a lot of bright colors. The clothes last from one user to the next and you can even re-sell them, thus making them an even more sustainable choice.

Delightful stories

Good design almost always has a story behind it. Beibamboo’s story starts with one mother’s personal experience with her daughter’s premature birth. This led her to design baby clothes that could cater to the needs of the hospital environment and provide newborn babies with warm and comfortable clothes.

Papu’s story is about a lucky turn of events: Papu’s founder saw a postcard at a hair salon about a melancholy bird and got so inspired she had to contact the artist. Through their collaboration the first line of Papu clothes saw the light of day.

Reima is a Finnish institution – it has offered children of all ages quality clothes for a respectable 70 years. Reima has experienced the turmoil of World War II, the depression years of The Finnish economy and Finland’s journey into a globally and technologically advanced country. Reima stay in touch with its target audience – their innovations encourage children to go and enjoy the great outdoors.

Our favorites

Paapero’s willow grouse dress
This darling little dress has its roots in the nature of Lapland. Grouses are iconic birds in the Finnish north, and this design makes them look cute and curious. Any toddler or kid would look great in this dress, which also allows for freedom of movement.

Gugguu’s beanie with a tuft
Gugguu’s beanies with two tufts are already a classic, but the cap with only one tuft is a timeless choice. What makes this accessory special is its color – even in the middle of Finnish winter, it brings happiness and joy to anyone who sees it. The beanie also comes in several other colors, such as green and yellow.

Beibamboo’s hospital clothes
Designed with neonatal hospital staff, these clothes are meant for newborns in hospitals. The smart design makes using life-saving tubes and cannulae easier for the staff and less painful for the little patient. They’re also designed to accommodate for the growth of your baby, so you don’t have to invest in new clothes as your tiny trooper grows.

Papu’s cool, loose fit culotte pants
You can instantly tell that these culottes are meant for running, jumping, and climbing. The design with the black knee patches is curious and cute, but can also transform into more formal wear when you pair them with a black t-shirt. We especially dig the unisex feel these pants have. (Psst! These are also available for adults…)

Blaa’s jumpsuit with horses
This adorable pink jumpsuit keeps your little equestrian enthusiast warm if you use it as a bottom layer, but also works for cozy leisure time on its own. The print is fun and the jumpsuit is made of 95% organic cotton.

Reima’s SunProof clothing
Reima’s outdoor overalls are a timeless classic and countless Finnish people have worn them as kids. Now, Reima’s SunProof clothes are a revolutionary invention: They fight harmful UV radiation off your little sun bather’s skin, the fabric is breathable and flexible and the colors and patterns are cute as buttons.

There you have it – Finnish childrenswear definitely is worth checking out, as it’s pretty clear why it’s making such huge waves among parents keeping an eye out for quality design.