Bring your Living Room to Life With Finnish Design

Bring your Living Room to Life With Finnish Design

People these days are spending more and more time in the living room. We could chalk it all up to phenomena like dinner parties becoming ever more popular, but let’s face it, probably Netflix is just as big of a reason for the rise of the living room. The harmonious color palette and less-is-more approach of Finnish design does wonders to any space, living room included. We gathered a few tips on Finnish design pieces to make sure the heart of your home is a soothing place, no matter if you’re socializing or binge watching that latest series.Hakola Huonekalu’s couches are made from order and hand-manufactured in Jurva, a small town in Western Finland.

The living room is where we relax, socialize and wind down. The living room needs to be a multifunctional space – you might entertain guests, have a nap, read a book or binge on the aforementioned Netflix there, so keeping the room uncluttered is a must. These Finnish design items help you make the living room the crown of your home. We’d like to have all of these, but introducing even one well-chosen key item can bring unique character to the living room.

Forget the gadgets

Minimalism is one staple of Finnish style, and for good reason – keeping a room clean and free of clutter makes it harmonious, not to mention easy on the eye. Today, it may be more difficult than ever to keep to the essentials, as the modern living room is under constant assault by devices, gadgets and gizmos.

Uploud Audio play their part in ensuring your home doesn’t look like a rat’s nest of cables and boxes equipped with blinking blue LED’s. Their UA1 is a speaker that doesn’t need to be shoved in a corner. The speaker is dressed with stylish fabrics and can be front and center on a table, or mounted to a wall with a single screw. They’ve also paid close attention to sound quality: The design minimizes reflections and the speaker features an excellent frequency response. You can tell it’s a labor of love, both design-wise and technically.Uploud Audio’s UA1 speaker is dressed with stylish fabrics.

Furnish with Finnish

The right furniture for your place makes it possible to keep everything in its right place and enjoy lounging in the living room. Kiteen Huonekalutehdas make a beautiful birchwood furniture – their Joki-TV stand allows the material to stand out while offering room for living room essentials. As for lounging, Hakola’s Cosy 3 Seater Sofa beautifully reflects the current Scandinavian interior design style, with a nod to 50’s style.

For those looking a centerpiece for their living room, the Be Design Deer Shelf stands out as a great choice. Made of solid oak, the shelf reflects Finnish nature and makes a stylish impression, and at the same time, the design introduces a playful element to your home.

Soften it up with textiles

Well-made textile choices are an easy way to ensure your place looks like you. Saana ja Olli, a Finnish designer couple, create award-winning textile work that has been exhibited all over from Stockholm to Japan. Their products are locally made in Finland and they utilize sustainable fabrics and processes. They draw their inspiration from places like old Finnish cave paintings, creation myths and the old Finnish wall rug tradition – and the results are utterly fascinating. Their Kievari floor rug utilizes upcycled cotton and the beautiful diagonal patterns Saana ja Olli is known for.

This roundup is good to close with this: As stylish and elegant Finnish design can be, make no mistake, it’s designed for use. These are no delicate, “Don’t touch it!” pieces. The overarching theme here is durability combined with functionality and style, which makes for a lovely living space.