New Brave Patterns from Marimekko

New Brave Patterns from Marimekko

Renowned for their use of unique colours and patterns, the Finnish design house Marimekko has declared the year of Finland’s 100th Anniversary to be a year of courage. Marimekko has always encouraged people to be themselves and to express themselves freely. Now, in honour of the jubilee year, Marimekko invites everyone to enjoy bold, unexpected acts, and to create new things together.

The founder of Marimekko, power woman Armi Ratia, once said that Marimekko might as well be music, poetry, a flower shop or even an ice cream. This idea has now inspired Marimekko to invite young players to come together to challenge known textile and garment industry practices and create new, futuristic ideas and solutions. The Marimekko Designathon competition will be held together with one of Europe’s leading technology and startup events, Slush, as well as Europe’s largest Hackathon, Junction, produced by Aaltoes.

“The successful future of Finland will be built by working together, crossing over barriers of prejudice. Through the Marimekko Designathon competition, we want to invite the young generation of players to challenge traditional conventions of our industry and to develop a whole new range of subjects. The project will combine Finnish design and pioneers of technology in a new way. We can hardly wait to see what kind of innovative solutions and new beginnings the cooperation creates”, says Marimekko’s managing director, Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko.

Combining design and technology, Designathon Marimekko is a programming event, which will be carried out as part of the Helsinki Design Week in September 2017 at Marimekko’s head office in Herttoniemi, Helsinki. The jury will contain a full set of international experts, as well as the competition organizers. The winners will get to present their best ideas at Slush 2017.

The event and the co-operation will be symbolised by the Hyvä myrsky, ‘A Good storm’, print by designer Maija Louekari, from the younger generation of pattern designers at Marimekko. It was inspired by the concept of brainstorming, where bold ideas and people unite to achieve new beginnings. The pattern’s ambiguous storm clouds with lightning form a good storm that refreshes the world around us and makes way for new beginnings.

Marimekko’s eccentric patterns and colours, as well as its uncomplicated way of life, have brought joy to people’s lives for decades. In honour of the jubilee year, Marimekko has launched its Veljekset, ‘Brothers’, pattern, another design by Maija Louekari. According to her, the pattern depicts animals from Finnish folklore and the wild exotic North. In addition to the signature pattern for the jubilee year, Marimekko will present several other new designs, as well as fresh versions of beloved classics. The jubilee collection is available at Marimekko stores and retailers around the world.

In addition, during the jubilee year, Marimekko will carry out a number of other design and art projects with its partners, both in Finland and Japan. Through these, Marimekko wants to give the opportunity to learn about its Finnish design heritage, as well as its manifestations today. Marimekko will continue to strive towards bold, uncompromising and unique design that Finns can continue to be proud of.

All pictures by Marimekko