Gugguu: a brand born out of a young boy’s words


Gugguu: a brand born out of a young boy’s words

In 2013, the world of children’s clothing got a much-awaited addition to the family, when the Finnish Gugguu brand was launched. Gugguu has been received with excitement among trendsetters in children’s clothing. The pearls in its new collection are queued for, with great expectations, both in storefronts and online stores, with new owners of the most desired products feeling like sweepstakes winners.

Gugguu got its start from the practical needs of two sisters, Miia Riekki and Anne Valli, who where both mothers: the three children of both mothers constantly outgrew their old clothes. Even if today’s children’s clothing market offers a real cornucopia, the women noticed that the quality, size dimensions and visual appearance of the offered clothing most often did not answer to the needs they had set for the products.

In the beginning, the thought of their own brand felt like a joke, but as designs for a clothing collection started to fill the student mothers’ test books instead of notes from business school lectures, the joking got more serious. Both mothers had a strong vision of simple, colourful and durable clothing, which differed from other offered clothing.

The dimensioning of Gugguu clothing has been carefully planned. Their design is timeless, both in colours and their cut, without forgetting playfulness. The designers have strived to keep the highest possible degree of Finnishness and selected materials and clothing production agents through reliable references. Gugguu clothes are made both in Finland and the Baltic Countries. The “Öko-Tex” certified children’s clothing, made of organic cotton, cotton and cotton blends are an ecological and safe choice.

Within a short time, Gugguu has grown outside of the borders of Finland. Besides their own online store, sales are being developed through a functioning retail sales network. In addition to Finland, Gugguu has taken over Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, the USA and Kuwait. The largest export market for Gugguu, however, is China, where there is great demand for Finnish brands.

Oh, and the name. Sometimes things just stand still, until a solution can be found in the most unexpected way. On a February evening, after many months of thinking about names, a little one climbed smiling into his entrepreneur mother’s lap and said “Gugguu”. That will be a big story for a currently small man to tell, one day.