KOTI once again

KOTI at the Habitare Fair paid tribute to Finnish expertise

The unprecedented KOTI exhibit space comprising a total of 360 square metres was on display at the Habitare Trade Fair this September. The KOTI concept, developed by the Association for Finnish Work, showed the versatility of Finnish know-how. The stand was built and decorated with products from over 70 Finnish businesses. Once again, let’s take a look what was this all about.

The KOTI (meaning home in Finnish) entity was constructed by member companies under supervision of the Association for Finnish Work. All products and services featured at the exhibit space have either been awarded with the Design from Finland mark or the Key Flag symbol, or even both.

KOTI was built spaciously with various rooms and areas of the home in mind, from the kitchen to the bathroom and the living room to the nursery, without forgetting the terrace. Its floors, windows, furniture and textiles were all showcases of Finnish know-how. The home project as a whole was crowned by dozens of small products that also represent Finnish design.

Brand Manager Johanna Lahti from the Association for Finnish Work describes the core idea:
“Doing things together as a group of independent companies is vital from the perspective of Finland’s economy as a whole. We want to show versatile Finnish know-how to consumers and professionals. Finns pay attention to the Finnish origin of their grocery purchases, but we also encourage the same attitude towards other purchases for the home.”

Interior designer and journalist Piia Kalliomäki, who has previous experience in working with Finnish design and interior decorating, was responsible for planning the stand.
“The KOTI project was a fascinating, mind-expanding journey into Finnish design, production and materials. Together we were engaged in creating a stylish, versatile, interesting and above all cosy and comfortable exhibit space that presented Finnish expertise,” Kalliomäki explains.

DSC_6572 – Kopio

Kitchen: Topi-Keittiöt; Lighting: Innolux; Fridge: Festivo/Suomen Kotikylmiö; Kitchen Sink: Stala; Chair: MyKolme; Tableware & Dekoration: Muurla, Dekorando, Saana ja Olli, Hukka Design


Dining table & chairs: Puulon; Curtains: Vallila; Lamp: Innolux; Table ware: Muurla

Sofa: Shapes; Blanket: Familon; Cushions and carpet: Vallila; Table & mirror: Puulon; Candles: Puttipaja; Window Blinds: Apollo; Flooring: Timberwise; Decorations: Muurla, PaperivaloMelaja; Loudspeakers: Genelec

DSC_6592 – Kopio

Utility Room: Temal; Hammam Towel: Familon

DSC_6605 – Kopio

Bathroom Tiles: Pukkila; Towel Rails: Rej Design; Towels: Familon; Toilet seat: IDO; Sink & Mirror: Temal; Soap: Mosho

DSC_6607 – Kopio

Bed & bed linen: Familon; Tapestry: Pihlgren & Ritola; Flooring: Timberwise

DSC_6614 – Kopio

Desktop & Shelves: Muunto; Chairs: MyKolme, Puulon; Closet: Mirror Line; Flooring: Timberwise; Dekoration & Lighting: LifeSaver, Majamoo, Innolux


Storage system: Muunto; Flooring: Pukkila

DSC_6644 – Kopio

Furniture: Gymicom; Lighting: Andbros; Bed linen & textiles: Kuovi; Flooring: Timberwise


Bedset, carpet & curtains: Vallila; Bed: Familon; Lamp: Solulight; Bureau: Lundia; Decorations: Be & Liv; Wall tile decorations: Hattulan Kaakelitehdas; Flooring; Timberwise; Wall Paint: Uula

DSC_6625 – Kopio

Tiling: Pukkila; Shower set: Oras; Shower wall: Sanka

DSC_6654 – Kopio

Sauna Benches: Erikoispuu Parkkinen; Floor tiling: Pukkila; Sauna Heater: Veto; Sauna Kit: Pinetta; Wall Paint: Uula