YEPZON brings positioning to everyday life

Always On Track

The positioning service Yepzon Oy (LLC) is on a real upswing and aims to be the market leader of their field within the year. The company has its sights set directly on the international market. Last spring, Yepzon received the Design from Finland mark.
Former start-up Yepzon launched their first product for the Christmas market in 2014, a tracking device utilizing the mobile phone network and cloud services, hardly larger than a keychain. At the time, a batch of a few thousand units had been made. The convenient GPS positioning unit immediately gained an enormous interest, both at home and abroad. “To date, we’ve sold around 15,000 devices. Especially the US market seems to be doing well. We also expect growth in the Indian market. We have also opened a production line there”, Yepzon Oy (LLC) founder and CEO Otto Linna states now, 18 months later.

In the EU countries and in the USA, almost a million children go missing each year. Approximately 100,000 of them are never found. Yepzon’s business idea stemmed from the desire to find at least some kind of solution to the problem. Linna reminds us that the device cannot replace parental supervision, but it can help alleviate it. “Originally, our purpose was to design a tracker to be integrated into kids’ clothing. The idea was abandoned due to cost issues, for now. Instead, we ended up with an external solution that can help locate people, pets and property”, Linna says.
There are no controls on the tracker, which only weighs 46 grams. It is completely controlled through a smartphone app. Hooking the device up to a smartphone is easy. In the waterproof plastic case, there is only a small port for charging the USB battery. At best, the tracking device battery keeps its charge for several weeks. In the summer, Yepzon brought a second-generation personal safety device to the market that combines alarm and tracking functions. In autumn, the application series will be augmented by a transport tracking service for tracking industry and logistics shipments, a safety vest designed for riders, with an integrated tracking and alarm function, as well as a dog suit that utilises Yepzon’s tracking technology. Yepzon directly employs five workers and approximately 20 product developers in subcontracting companies. The company headquarters are located in Tampere, Finland.