One Woman’s Showcase of Insanity and Creativity

By Pia’s is an impressive story of one woman’s creativity and a chain reaction caused by social media that has formed an entire lifestyle phenomenon.

By Pia’s has grown from a company of one sole woman to a significant employer. It began when cosmetics industry entrepreneur Pia Erlund designed and had linen clothing made for herself, which her clientele also became enchanted with. Simultaneously, Pia maintained a popular lifestyle blog, which brought about a large increase in the demand for linen products, around three years ago.

The success of by Pia’s is indeed strong evidence of the power of social media. From the beginning, the company has only used social media channels for their marketing, such as Instagram,
Pinterest and Facebook, as well as the tight-knit blogging community. For example, one of Finland’s most popular lifestyle bloggers, Kalastajan Vaimo (the Fisherman’s Wife), Johanna Alvestad, is By Pia’s’ brand model today.


A faithful lifestyle tribe found from the midst of the recession

“The By Pia’s brand was actually born in the middle of the recession. In the fashion world, one could see it, for instance, in the surfacing of cheap clothing and disposable culture. As a countermove, I started designing beautiful and durable clothing for everyday use, specifically for the Finnish adult woman. It turned out that there was an enormous demand for quality linen products, as well as for our harmonic and original, Scandinavian style”, says Pia Erlund, offering an insight into the starting phases of her company.

“Our success is largely due to our faithful clientele. We all like the same things and keep in touch through social media, among others. Personally, I feel that, above all, I am in the experience industry, where By Pia’s’ role is to produce visually interesting and elevating content in all of its channels and to offer dreams, as well as a beautiful escape from everyday activities”, Pia Erlund says.


Nordic harmony with international appeal

Finland has not traditionally received any acknowledgement as a fashion country. Based on By Pia’s style, many think the company is Danish. “In this industry, an original style is the deciding factor, more than the country of origin. However, our Finnishness is apparent in many ways: the Finnish woman and her needs are still central to the design process. We live in a country with four seasons, where beautiful everyday clothes are needed; from knit garments to dresses and from sandals to boots.

“Personally, an important principle and value in our activities is that our clothing is made of high-quality materials and always made as locally as possible”, Pia Erlund states.

The Nordic, down-to-earth lifestyle is also attractive elsewhere in the world. By Pia’s’ online sales has opened important export destinations, the largest being Norway. The company’s products are bought as far away as China and Australia. International sales channels are currently being developed.


Reaching for success is like competitive sports

Success is never purely based on luck, but rather, always attributed to a lot of determination and hard work. Pia actually says that she treats entrepreneurship like competitive sports. “You must have a desire to discover your limits, to see how far you can go. There isn’t much time to look around, as you have to get started right away. It might sound like a cliché, but success ultimately requires passion and belief in one’s own dreams. In this work, failure is also a form of training.”

“The highest pedestal for me would be that By Pia’s would be the largest online store representing Finnish fashion and an internationally recognized brand in the natural fashion category.
That is the goal we are currently training for”, Pia Erlund concludes.